Cleaning Anodized Aluminum Shower Enclosures

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  Most of the silver, gold, brushed nickel or satin silver metal hardware and components of shower enclosures are anodized aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight and non-rusting and is anodized to give it color and to seal it against corrosion and pitting. Some glass cleaners can damage the anodizing which then leaves the aluminum at risk for pitting. Once the finish is damaged, it cannot be undone. White spots can result from using alkaline and phosphoric acids that are found in many cleaners. Read labels on all cleaning products before using …

5 Tips for Cleaning Glass

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  Whether cleaning window glass, a mirror or a coffee table, achieving crystal clear results is more about the right products and tools than elbow grease.  As a general rule, do not clean glass in direct sunlight, as the surface temperature may be too hot for optimum cleaning. For windows and mirrors, start cleaning from the uppermost portion and work downward to reduce the risk of leaving residue on the glass at lower levels. 1) Depending on the type of water that comes out of your tap, you may want …

4 Tips for Easy Window & Patio Door Operation

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1) A few times a year, lubricate all sliding window and door tracks, rollers, latches and locks. 2) Weather stripping should be checked regularly to ensure your window and patio door seals are airtight. 3) The tracks on all sliding patio doors and windows should be vacuumed occasionally to remove dirt and debris. 4) Most patio door rollers can be adjusted for proper height clearance. To adjust, use a screwdriver inserted through the access hole at the bottom of your patio door. Image credit: Link

Window Repair vs. Replacement

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It’s safe to say, that in most cases, repairing windows in your home is the better option when it comes to repair vs. replacement. Seldom is it necessary, or cost-effective, to purchase new windows even when looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home. Cracked glass, windows that are difficult to open, warped wood, and simply wear and tear are all issues that lead to the deterioration of windows. Many times, homeowners call to say they need new windows, when all they really need is new glass for the …

Window and Patio Door Screens

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We are lucky to live in a state that has cool mornings and cool nights during the summer months, and this is the perfect time of year to open up the house and let the fresh air in. It is also the time of year to have your window and patio door screens repaired or replaced. New screens not only look nice from the outside, they keep nature’s creatures where they belong- in the great outdoors, not in your living room. Slade Glass Co., offers screen repair, and when needed, …

Bowling for Charity

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  At Slade Glass Co., we take our jobs seriously, from quality products to expert craftsmanship and installation. But every now and then we like to have some fun too, especially when that fun helps a charity. Last weekend, four of our team members, Zac, Josh, Jeff and Brian, bowled to support the American Cancer Society.  And as you can tell from the picture, they not only had fun, but came home with the trophy! Thank you gentlemen for giving of your time to represent Slade Glass Co., in our …

What is Low-E Glass? Part 1 – The Basics

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Low-E means low emissivity. More specifically, low thermal emissivity. Adding a Low-E coating to window glass makes the window energy efficient because the coating material reflects, absorbs, and emits radiant energy. Heat is filtered out, while visible light is allowed to pass through. Window glass is highly thermal emissive as clear glass absorbs a huge amount of energy without reflecting much back. This means clear glass in your windows is absorbing most of the heat energy from the sun as well as radiant heat from inside. Heat taken in through the glass during the …

Fogged Windows

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Chances are, that at some time in your life you have looked through a window and noticed that it seems to be fogged or cloudy in appearance. What is this so called “fogged” glass problem and how do you correct it if you are experiencing it in your own home windows?  If you have double pane insulated glass units (IGUs) that have become fogged, it is the result of a failed seal between the two panes of glass. When the seal fails, moisture seeps in between the two panes of …

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Why Does Condensation Form On The Inside Of My Windows?

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Winter time in Colorado is a beautiful thing. Blue skies, snowcapped mountain peaks, slopes of fresh white powder. Winter in Colorado also means cold dry air. When excess warm moist air in your home- from hot showers, cooking, and the use of humidifiers- meets cold glass, condensation can develop.  Humidity is a mix of water vapor and air and is attracted to cool surfaces, which in the interiors of our homes, tends to be the windows. Like a glass of cold water set on a table in a warm room, …